Environment Thumbnails

Final image, I used Sketch Up to help me with the positions and scale in this image. I still don't like the figures on the right. I used some modern apartment buildings I had made in Sketch Up for place holder buildings in the BG.

Some Colour Keys I did for a test, the scene was described as: "Sorrowful and gloomy victorian Paris just by the base of the Eiffel tower. The scene should evoke a sense of melancholy.

Planning on doing an Exterior Urban Environment. Used a lot of the Whit Brachna brushes from his Speed-Painting Vids. Stuck with the compositions being monochromatic because it was easier to visualize in. Spent about 3 hours doing some colour thumbnails that came out like ass. So I simplified my process with these. This is about 3 hours of work here...If you add in the crappy thumbs which I'm not going to show technically around 7hours. Plan to use Sketch Up next to flesh 1 of these out.