Banging the head.

Below you will see some speed paints from Crimson Rivers 2 and Leon. I'm a huge Jean Reno fan and I really like French Action Films! These take an hour; no more. I've decided to dissect images from the big screen that I really like and to do speed paintings of them. For the most part I am using only 2 brushes: Airbrush and Chalk Brush.
I've also been doing some quick doodling for the hell of it. Recently I've gone back into Mark Goerner's Gnomon DVD about Rendering Interior Spaces as well as taking a repeated look at Craig Mullins and tried out some quick value stuff.
1.5hours(Above:Messing about with mark making in greyscale)
Trying out a quick colour palette doodle(10 minutes...maybe less)
Trying out the same colour palette from the character above in an environment speed paint(1hour)

On top of work I decided I needed to do a large piece strictly just for fun. I am heavily influenced by old NYC Hip Hop. There's still a few soldiers fighting the brave fight against mediocrity one of them is MF DOOM. This is a WIP it already has far too many hours into it ;over 20 right now, and started as the greyscale painting featured above. I've started to put DOOM into the bg...hopefully it's not too dark here:(