Resume 2017

Ian Tolmay
iantolmay24 at

Position Objective:
I am an artist with skill sets in both 2D and 3D assets and their respective pipelines to the Games Industry. 

Technical Skills:  
 Adobe Creative Suite, 3D Studio Max, ZBrush, NDo2, Unreal, Agile Planning, Flash, Google Sketch Up, Drawing, Painting, Viscious Engine, Scrum Works, ClearGoal, Moca Unfuddle, SVN.

Employment and Production History:

POSITION                    EMPLOYER                          PERIOD

2D and 3D Artist    Blue Isle Studios                   Sept. 2015-present
-In-house Artist responsible for Environment concepts and prop/environment models  as well as Weapon design and press art .

Concept Artist       Unreal Community                Sept. 2014-present
-Voluntary work for the Unreal Community.  Environment and Weapon design.

Web Banner Artist   Ari Shaffir(Comedian)        Sept. 2013-present
-Voluntary work for Ari Shaffir's website and Podcasts.

3DModeler/Texture   Catstatic Inc                      May 2013-present

-Modeling 3D Interiors/exteriors of Vancouvers prominent downtown core from 2D architectural plans  for previsualization.  Texturing said assets for previsualization using textures chosen by clients involved with the package as well as custom textures using Google Maps.  

Art Director                 Gasket MOD                  March2013-Present
-Responsible for creating the Art Style Bible and Visual Guide to the Gasket MOD.  Responsible for overseeing all assets and their overall quality in said MOD. Concept creation and guidance for a team of 10 artists. Asset creation in the High Poly to Low Poly Pipeline with implementation into UDK.  

Art Director                     GamesCafe                 May2010- Present
-Worked on creating and organizing original IP’s for PC and FaceBook.  Concept Design, UI Design, Story Boards, High End 2D asset pipeline, Worked with art outsourcing all over the world.

Lead Artist                        pixelStorm                June 2009-March 2010
-Worked on High End 2D asset Pipeline, in charge of Art Outsourcing to Russia, UI Design, StoryBoards, Cinematic Boards.

Logo Designer                 Darren Frickey            Nov.08-present   
-Created High Resolution Advertising Logo Graphics for Darren’s Bar in the Cayman Islands. 

2D General Artist                 Big Blue Bubble       June 05-June09
-UI Design, Concept Artist, 2D art pipeline from Concept to High Resolution 2D art, Organized and created Promotional Package Art, Art Outsourcing, 3D texturing and Particle Engine work.

Previous Shipped Titles:
 Citadel, Valley, Mystery Legends: Phantom of the Opera, Penny Dreadfuls Sweeney Todd (PC, Art Lead), Master Mind (mobile), Mah Jong Quest (mobile), Big Kahuna Reef (mobile), Jewel Quest (mobile), Professor Fizzwizzle (mobile), 24 (mobile), Elven Chronicles (mobile), Atomic Betty 2 (GBA), Mage Knight (Nintendo DS), Pop-a-Tronic (PC), Geeks2: Geeks Unleashed (PC), Home Sweet Home 1/2 for PC, Leapster Arcade: Sponge Bob Square Pants Through the Wormhole, Fighting Fantasy(Nintendo DS). Pendulum (FaceBook), Skytopia (FaceBook).

-Seneca Game Art and Animation. GAA program intensive 8 month program focusing on the fundamentals of 3D modeling texturing and animation in gaming.
-Graduate of Animation at Max The Mutt Animation. (Classical Animation)
-Graduate of Sheridan College:  Art Fundamentals program.
-Graduate of Sheridan College:  Part Time Portfolio Development for Animators

Interests and Awards:
-Polycount Award for Unreal Tournament Master Challenge: Concept Art Challenge
-Unreal forums:
-Honors Earned at Seneca for GAA
- Life Drawing and sketching every week
- Constant  enrolment in skill-updating and enrichment seminars via The Gnomon Workshop,Massive Black,and Youtube
-Musical Background in bass (17 years)
-Blog containing portfolio examples:

References Available upon request.